Imagine you’re standing on a stage. Bright lights are weighing on your shoulders. Silence lies among a multitude of eyes staring right at you.  
Now imagine you’re sitting in front of a camera. A musical introduction has just faded out. You see your reflection in the lens of the camera and you know that reflection represents many faces listening to every word that comes from you.   
No matter the situation, knowing you have eyes on you while you perform and/or present can be nerve-wracking! We’re scared of what others will think of us. We overthink what we “need” to do (or not do) for some mythical sense of acceptance we’ve created in our heads. It’s amazing the power of our minds!  

When I first started in acting over 10 years ago, the fears my mind created were MASSIVE! It was strange to suddenly be the center of attention and to be the Captain in charge of steering that specific moment. I was recently reminded of where I started and the process I took when I had a viewer of our stream (MindMineTV) ask me how we perform in front of people every day.  

After some reflection, there were 2 first steps that helped me, and will help you! Whether you’re just starting out or need a quick refresher to help regain focus, here are those steps. 

*Note this audio is originally from an Instagram cast so we apologize for any issues with quality. 

Keep your head up, you can do it! 

Evin of MindMineTV 

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