Welcome to episode one of MindMine! This is audio pulled from our Twitch.TV live stream at https://www.twitch.tv/MindMineTV - Every Wednesday at 3 PM PST! 

Let's dive into discussing:

- What laws will we take with us to space? 

- Does VR bring health risks to the growth of children and overall mental health? 

- What will cinematic games bring to the video games industry and to the casual gamer? 

- What was the impact of the California fires on cannabis farmers? 

What is MindMine? 

Authentic & insightful perspectives on society and culture... Aaaand gaming. #pewpewpew

Watch our core show on Wednesdays, as we chat about left brain and right brain topics, discussing the arts, tech, politics and everything in-between that makes up the human experience (within Western Culture).

And on the other days ... on the other days, we game.


Meet your hosts

Feel free to pick Evin's brain any day. He loves great stories, great games and being a part of this great community! When he's not on MindMineTV, he's acting, teaching and seeing what else life has in-store.

Tatiana is a self-proclaimed marathon TV-show watcher. Girl gamer. DIY adventurer. Ailurophile. Storyteller. And lover of one-word sentences.

For more, come on over to MindMinePod.com


http://flip.it/vZvduQ - In the Era of Civilian Space Travel, What Laws Do We Bring With Us?

http://flip.it/HPDnmo - 'Erica' Blurs the line between game and interactive movie  

http://flip.it/Epr9l_ - Virtual reality headsets could put children’s health at risk

http://flip.it/9zmlDv - Wildfires devastate California pot farmers, who must rebuild without banks or insurance



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