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Taking the battle to social media in the Iran protests. The Computer As Curator: exploring art in the age of technology. New tech takes on the local grocery store. Brain implants may help stomp out addiction. 



Authentic and insightful perspectives on society and culture... Aaaand gaming. #pewpewpew

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Feel free to pick Evin's brain any day. He loves great stories, great games and being a part of this great community! When he's not on MindMineTV, he's acting, teaching and seeing what else life has in-store.

Tatiana is a self-proclaimed marathon TV-show watcher. Girl gamer. DIY adventurer. Ailurophile. Storyteller. And lover of one-word sentences.

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Iran protests: Social media messaging battle rages

Computers saw Jesus, graffiti, and selfies in this art, and critics were floored

Robomart is the latest startup to try and unseat the local convenience store

Scientists say brain implant may be the key to beating addiction


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