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What would you endure to get an education? Positivity: the reality of it and how to "mind your mood." What is "gaslighting" and how do you recover from it? Fearing the "other" - what does it mean and why do we do it? 



Authentic and insightful perspectives on society and culture... Aaaand gaming. #pewpewpew

Watch our core show on Wednesdays, as we chat about left brain and right brain topics, discussing the arts, tech, politics and everything in-between that makes up the human experience (within Western Culture).

And on the other days ... on the other days, we game.



Feel free to pick Evin's brain any day. He loves great stories, great games and being a part of this great community! When he's not on MindMineTV, he's acting, teaching and seeing what else life has in-store.

Tatiana is a self-proclaimed marathon TV-show watcher. Girl gamer. DIY adventurer. Ailurophile. Storyteller. And lover of one-word sentences.

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Why are Immigrants' Incarceration Rates so Low? Evidence on Selective Immigration, Deterrence, and Deportation

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Immigration and Crime – What the Research Says

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