With Uthmara and Boggin off in Sola, our adventurers learn of a mysterious place from Paasha: the Willow Stones. Thinking this may have something to d...View Details

The developers behind SPACELAND, Tortuga Team, describe the game as XCOM lite RPG but don’t let the “lite” fool you. Although not as complex as ...View Details

SURVIVE in a FEEL-GOOD post-apocalyptic world. Such is the imperative of INDIE GAME, Flotsam, from Belgium-based development team, Pajama Llama Games....View Details

Our heroes make their way through the Hubris and Bane, otherwise known as the Blue Tower, and fight some rather unsavory undead. A puzzle and a famili...View Details

Toni has a theatre degree from the University of Toronto, and went into comedy straight out of university, doing improv shows, sketch, and short video...View Details

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