Based on Norse mythology, NORTHGARD is a strategy game, a mix of 4X games and RTS, with SINGLEPLAYER and COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER options. Developed...View Details

Creator Series - Interview with Max Kerwien, writer and comedian. Author of "Poems to Ruin Dinner With" We chat about stand-up comedy, how to find ins...View Details

Insane "crunch" hours for employees at Epic Games, Diplo goes country, Streaming vs. Oscars verdict + More! Keep your finger on the pulse - everything...View Details

Jorah and Daenerys. Bronn and Tyrion. Stark and Lannister. True friendships or temporary alliances? Is family loyalty stronger than fear? What would y...View Details

Whether it’s a top-down, turn-based strategy game, a first-person shooter or a puzzle platformer, new indie games are released almost every single d...View Details

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