Online E3 Canceled, Minecraft Charity Concert, Disney Movie Releases on Disney+ | NextBeat ep 21Welcome to NEXTBEAT, Episode 21! Get everything you wa...View Details

Actor Educational Resources: Becoming a Better Actor What resources are available to you as an actor? Where can you find them? I'm going to break down...View Details

$200 Game, NBA 2K Tourney, Chronicles of Elyria: $8 million Loss + MORE | NextBeat (ep 20)  Welcome to NEXTBEAT, Episode 20! Get everything you want t...View Details

Children of Morta - Before You Buy: ImpressionsAn action RPG with a rich narrative about an extraordinary family. Fight your way through dungeons with...View Details

Sony Slows PS4 Downloads, Netflix Lawsuit, Stadia Game Exclusive + More | NextBeat (ep 19)   Welcome to NEXTBEAT, Episode 19! Get everything you want ...View Details

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